World War II came to a conclusion on August 14, 1945, eight days after the first atomic bomb was dropped on Japan.

The men of the U.S.S. YMS – 472 were already having thoughts of home, family and togetherness. The weight of the war had finally been lifted, they would soon be going home. Not a single one of them suspected they would soon be introduced to a new type of enemy.
6 Days on a Raft is the incredible account of Navy Veteran Bill Harrison, who survived six days and nights on a raft in the south pacific after his ship sank. As his buddies slipped one by one into the ocean, Bill fought through impossible odds to survive and hold on to his sanity while battling the raging demons of fear, hunger, depression and hopelessness. This is his story of true faith and survival.

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Looking For The Trust Fund is a documentary film that takes a hard look at the missing funds from the social security trust fund. What happens when the money runs out? What happens to all the elderly people that depend on their benefits. This journey began in 2005 and is continuing until 2016 when the trust fund runs out of money.

This film takes a look at social systems around the world to see how bad things are about to get for American. Filming has taken place in Europe, China and throughout America. We are currently seeking additional funds to complete the next year of filming and finish post production.

The 20/20 Vision is that by the year 2020 every unreached people group on earth will have a gospel film made in their very own language with actors from the local communities. Over 60 short films have already been completed.
We are currently looking to raise funds to complete the remaining short films and to equip our film making teams to travel into these remote areas.

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