Life Matters Launches on FYI



Life Matters Television Series Premieres on FYI Channel

A television series that almost didn’t make it to air. While on location in Spain, Writer/Director/Producer Christine Fry of QOA Entertainment was involved in a serious bicycling accident. This horrible accident was actually caught on tape during the filming of Episode 4. Christine suffered a major concussion. As the writer/director for the series it looked as if this was going to be the end of the show. However, Christine refused to give up and was determined to finish the season. Through strength she didn’t know she had, Christine was able to regroup and overcome the pain to finish filming.

With the help of series Post Producer/Editor Mike Wech of DesertRock Entertainment, Christine was able to meet the network deadlines and deliver a compelling 13 episode first season.

Now Airing Saturday Mornings.

Check your local listing for showtimes.