DesertRock To Anchor At Bolong Lake


DesertRock to open offices at “IVAS & the VIBE” along side CPG and Henson. In China, a revolution is taking place in the creative economy. In the Northern Chinese city of Tianjin, a new industry hub is being brought to life. IVAS will serve as an integrated live, work, and play community nurtured within a glass sanctuary where the balance between nature, creativity, and enterprise will open a world of possibilities.

Mirage Entertainment has brought together the best and brightest minds in the entertainment and technology fields from around the world to create this next generation entertainment and work experience.
cameronjim henson
James Cameron Pace Group and the Jim Henson Company have already setup shop and are gearing up.
DesertRock Entertainment is honored to be invited by Mirage to participate as one of the selected companies to create this dream team. “At Ivas and the Vibe we will not only be able to develop and create our new patented 3D technologies, but we will be able to showcase them as well.” said DesertRock president Tim Lowry.
ivas layout

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